The Adjacent Possible

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Here at Filament we consider ourselves lucky to be in a position to help create the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things. At least once a week, our Slack channel blows up with gifs and gratitude for the work we’re doing and the people we get to work with.

Our devices and decentralized stack make it easy to bring an existing infrastructure online, or generate recurring revenue by selling any physical object as a service. It’s rewarding to see how simply connecting industrial assets can lead to substantial improvements in resource allocation, operating expenses, product offerings, and business models.

Even more rewarding is seeing how excited industry leaders are about Filament and what our technology can enable. We’ve been overwhelmed by our customers’ and partners’ response to the Declaration of Device Independence we published a few months back. It is invigorating to see what solutions and project ideas surface when companies can easily deploy secure and robust networks anywhere. We believe there is an entire economy of possibility that is opening up with Filament networks, a future reality that’s just adjacent to the one we’re in now.

Today, we want to share our appreciation with the investors and partners who are making the adjacent possible, possible. We have a lot of work to do, starting with bringing the industrial world online. Our team is grateful to be working with Bullpen Capital, Verizon Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Samsung Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Haystack, Working Lab Capital, Techstars, as well as existing investors from our days that continue to back our team and technology.

With this round of funding, we’ll be expanding the team, bringing more devices to market, and working with partners that share our vision. We have begun early pilot projects with select customers. If you would like to be a part of the industrial internet, check out and start exploring the possibilities.

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