Hi, I'm ShilpI! I'm studying systems engineering and working with startups in the core technology space. I thrive in cross-functional teams that are tackling big mission and messy problems. 

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Hi, I'm Shilpi


I am working with core technology startups and studying systems engineering. I thrive on mission-driven teams that are tackling big messy problems. 

Currently, I manage product commercialization at Filament, a company working to bring a decentralized networking and economic stack to the industrial world. I also organize the SF IoT Meetup and an Urban Futures Breakfast Club every month. 

Before Filament, I was in venture capital as an analyst at First Round and investor with VTF Capital, part of the Downtown Project. I studied Neuroscience and Economics at Duke University.

My budding interests include: open data projects, public service design, renewable infrastructure and financing, decentralized systems theory, and basic income/asset models.

Organizations I follow: Institute of the FutureUrban.UsIDEO CoLabVenture for AmericaSidewalk LabsDigital Currency Group, and Crisis Text Line.