Hi, I'm ShilpI! I'm studying systems engineering and working with startups in the core technology space. I thrive in cross-functional teams that are tackling big mission and messy problems. 

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Hi, I'm Shilpi


I am working with core technology startups and studying systems engineering. I thrive on mission-driven teams that are tackling big messy problems. 

Currently, I work with early stage hardware companies working to bring technology into industrial environments. Currently, I work with Instrumental, which provides AI-driven defect detection for manufacturing lines. Previously, I led product commercialization at Filament, a company working to bring a decentralized networking and economic stack to construction, mining, and agriculture assets. I also invest in early stage founders through Village Global

My technology background started in venture capital, as analyst at First Round and investor with VTF Capital, part of the Downtown Project. I studied Neuroscience and Economics at Duke University.

My budding interests include: open data projects, public service design, renewable infrastructure and financing, decentralized systems theory, and basic income/asset models.

Organizations I follow: Institute of the FutureUrban.UsIDEO CoLabVenture for AmericaSidewalk LabsDigital Currency Group, and Crisis Text Line.